Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Where do New Zealand Teachers go for Oral Language teaching ideas?

In this post I am continuing my look into the oral language survey. 

Out of a cohort of 36 NZ teachers, 25% would rate their knowledge of how students learning oral language as poor to fair, 50% would rate their knowledge as good and 25% would rate their knowledge as very good.

Teachers were asked if they had attended any professional development in the area of oral language recently (in the last 12 months) 80% of teachers responded they hadn't had any PD in that area.  Of the 20% who had PD the sources were:

  • Reading Recovery
  • ICTPD cluster - questioning and inquiry
  • RTLB (resource teachers of learning and behaviour)
  • Critical Literacy
  • NESB - Jannie Van Hees (Non-English speaking background)
  • Head start development

When asked where teachers get most of their teaching ideas from the highest response rate (17) was from books, specifically:

14 participants listed websites:

9 participants listed colleagues as a source of ideas and support

5 participants listed their own experience

4 participants listed other professionals:

  • RTLB (resource teachers of learning and behaviour)
  • SLT (speech language therapists)
  • ICTPD Facilitators (Information and Communication Technology Professional Development)

2 participants listed podcasting and lastly 1 participant each mentioned television and Toast masters.

Are there any gems that you would like to add to this list?  Leave them in the comments and share the wealth.

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