Monday, June 04, 2007

Podcasting with Percy Jackson

Titan's Curse, Cover"Dreams like a podcast

Downloading truth in my ears

They tell me cool stuff"

Haiku recited by Apollo, god of the sun, in Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan (page 147)

Podcasting has made it to the mainstream :) Rick Riordan has included this term in his book which has been ravenously consumed by my two boys in the last two days. Could it be possible that there are still teachers out there who think that this stuff will just go away?

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Mark said...

What's a podcast?
And why on earth would I want one to go away? Sorry Jane, had to say it. :)

Sadly the answer is yes, there are still teachers out there that think this stuff will go away.

I suspect that deep down they might be expecting to go away themselves (like retire) before "this stuff" reaches them.

Thanks for the pointer on the book(s) by Percy Jackson. Male 13yr old just read an extract with me, and actually approved. (He's been looking for something to read and is sooo tired of waiting for the next HP installment.)

Jane Nicholls said...

He he he he ... I think a podcast is something you put on a broken bone to help it heal a bit quicker ... hmmm

The website that supports the books is very good too, since the kids need to know a bit about Greek Mythology to follow the story. Check out

Mark said...

13 yr old is master of age of mythology. The series looks quite appealing.
Thanks for the link.

Sabine said...

Wow... you know something's up when podcasting makes its entrance into the poetry world.