Thursday, April 29, 2010

Telling a story with photography

A while ago I wrote a teaching sequence for English online called Telling a story with photography

I have always loved using photography with my class to bring out a whole new side to story telling and creativity. I have just watched a video on Teachers TV that I thought was great for people wanting something simple to get them started with the idea in the classroom.

Boost your teaching - tips for better digital photography.

There wasn't an embed code, so head on over to have a look.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Final cut express 4.0.1 update

I'm writing this post because I have spent a frustrating week trying to find out how to get my final cut express to install the update. I tried the software update many times but it didn't find anything. So after intensive Googling I resorted to ringing the lovely people at apple support and it turns out ...

the Final cut express application must be in the applications folder not in a subfolder !!

Duh! I had tidied up my applications and put all the final cut express stuff into a folder. So the answer was to pull the app outside the folder into the applications folder, run software update and viola! There was the update ready to install.

I hope this post saves you the time and frustration I've just been through.