Friday, April 16, 2010

Final cut express 4.0.1 update

I'm writing this post because I have spent a frustrating week trying to find out how to get my final cut express to install the update. I tried the software update many times but it didn't find anything. So after intensive Googling I resorted to ringing the lovely people at apple support and it turns out ...

the Final cut express application must be in the applications folder not in a subfolder !!

Duh! I had tidied up my applications and put all the final cut express stuff into a folder. So the answer was to pull the app outside the folder into the applications folder, run software update and viola! There was the update ready to install.

I hope this post saves you the time and frustration I've just been through.


Moturoa said...


I suppose this same principle applies to all applications.

That is probably why they say put your apps in the apps folder- I thought they just wanted me to be tidy.

Anonymous said...

oh lawdy, lawdy, lawdy miz janey! thank you, thank you, thank you so much for rectifying this for me. arrrgh! i'd been through hell & back trying to get AVCHD files off my new camcorder into FCE. then i figured i needed the update, but couldn't get Apple Software Update to update the damn thing! you solved the problem, thank you so much. the really insanely (not-so-great) thing? it was Apple's Original Final Cut Express Install that stuck the app in a sub-folder off of Applications in the first place!! grrrr...! oh well, on to actually enjoying my software now. thank you so much! btw, i'm a yank, up in portland, oregon, our left coast, but i visited down under with you wonderful kiwis earlier this year, in february. auckland with one set of friends, queenstown with the other. love your beautiful unspoiled land! you people are the greatest!

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much... I spent a all nighter trying to figure out how to update. I am eternally grateful

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on this old blog post while having the same AVCHD crisis. You wrote every word I had been thinking (except for several 4-letter ones). I can't believe how simple it was and I can't believe that I've never heard about apps having to be in the app folder for software updates. Thanks so much for the info.
(and this explains why I could never get software update to hook me up with old iDVD themes even though all the message boards on the internet said it would... my iDVD and FCE apps were on my desktop!)