Wednesday, June 06, 2007

As I went on my travels around the blogosphere I came across this cool tool, thanks to Clay at Beyond School.

It is so cool! You could even embed it straight into a wiki I'm sure, but I'll have to try it out.

Wow, things are just getting easier all the time.

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Allanah said...

I just so have to get a new laptop with camera attached- or if not that at least easy access to new TELA laptop. Great tool- I can see heaps of uses for that one!

Mark said...

Wow. I love this blog. Thanks for this Jane. Now we'll need to not only have sound studios, but lighting, costumes make up and sets as well.

I can see a complete production being shared.


Clay Burell said...

Thank you, Jane :) Fun to see it work. Too bad it doesn't work on WordPress (especially since our school blog uses WordPress MU--d'oh!).

And we should both thank Patrick Higgins of Chalkdust, the edublog I got the tip from. Patrick's a great blogger and a great new-ish voice.

I don't have a webcam on my '05 PowerBook, but am excited to soon receive a new MacBook which has a webcam built into the monitor frame (geeky smile and hyperventilation). Our 9th through 11th grade students will all have them when we go 1:1 in those grades this fall, and I can't wait to put Flixn to use.

See ya~

Rachel Boyd said...

I love this too... and came across it on monday via my delicious network... I had a little play but couldn't seem to get the hang of unscripted talk without feeling flustered!

You did very well BTW!!

Mr Harrington said...

Thanks Jane - a great looking new tool - I have tried it out and will consider whether we can use it in school !!!!
I will make sure that I put a link in to Patrick higgins as well in my blog post.

Mr Harrington said...

Hi Jane - that welshman here again!!! Flixn - great for short language/vocab lessons - I can see it being useful for delivering Welsh :)

Mr Harrington said...

Hi Jane - Ddraig Goch or Draig Goch - why Red Dragon of course - Red = coch which mutates to Goch

OK Best Wishes