Monday, May 21, 2007

Wandering around in Second LIfe

Well, It is strange this new world!  But I am really enjoying it :-).  I have just taken a walk around Steve Dembo's office in Second Life and then ambled over to Will Richardson and David Warlick's offices.  While in David's office I took a look through his filing cabinets and read some of the files he has there.

It is a strange new world.  For these educators it is past 2am in the morning, for me it is 7:30 at night and I'm walking through their offices.  There is a whole new etiquette to learn.  Is it okay to walk into people's houses?  Is this a new type of society where everything is open and nothing is private?  No one has any secrets and there is no way to steal or vandalise or otherwise upset the utopia that is EduIsland? 

I have already had many conversations with Educators in Second Life that have been stimulating and enlightening.  It is like IM on steroids :-).  There is something more personal about talking to someone when they have a body and a sense of style.  I have started a lot of conversations with, "I like that dress, where did you get it?" :-).  It is really exciting seeing where this Web 2 is taking us, whatever next?

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Anonymous said...

Although I have joined Second Life I am worried that I would get to like it too much and never see the sunshine!

Jane Nicholls said...

Want to know something sad? I was studying the other day and thought I needed a break and a walk to clear my head... So I went into SL for a walk around :-).

Moturoa said...

Very sad!

Rachel Boyd said...

I haven't yet joined or investigated Second Life... still tackling my FL!

Might have a visit in the not too distant future however!