Wednesday, May 16, 2007

10 Years to save the planet

Our cluster will be embarking on a cross cluster inquiry next term and the topic is "10 Years to Save the Planet".  This is based on an article we read in the Otago Daily Times on global warming and the pressures the Earth is facing.  Reading Derek's Blog today, I came across this:Zerofootprint: Footprint Calculator

I went through the questions to see what sort of damage my lifestyle was doing to our planet and it was a bit of an eye opener.  We take it all for granted and this is a good way to show the students in our classes that there are things we can do to make it better for everyone.  Unfortunately NZ isn't one of the countries listed but you can compare your footprint to the Average Australian as our closest neighbour.

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Mr Harrington said...

Many thanks for your comments Jane, they are very much appreciated. I think that Allanah and I are very lucky to have pupils who want to go on this journey : )
Paul and Allanah