Thursday, May 24, 2007

Adventures in Podcasting Part One

Time4 Online Conference

The Time4 Online NZ virtual conference runs from 28th May to the 8th June, 2007. I will be presenting on Podcasting in the Online Publishing With Audio and Visual Tools section of the programme. This is part one of my presentation looking at the importance of Oral Language instruction in the classroom and some of the research around this. The presentation also gives a general outline of what podcasting is.

Links referred to in this podcast are:

TKI - Assessment: Exemplars: English: Oral Language

Special Delivery 1: What is Podcasting? | Ask A Ninja

MCM Report FINAL.qxd

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Allanah said...

That was excellent- I didn't realise that you could use RSS like that to get specific news content delivered to you.

We are following the America's Cup and it will be very handy now that things are warming up in Valencia- another podcast coming up with the crew! How cool is that!!!


Rachel Boyd said...

Well done Jane.. this is VERY, VERY, VERY good!
Very informative, and I liked your personal touch about the rss. Great to see you "personally featured" at the end too!

Now I'm off to watch part 2 :)

Jane Nicholls said...

Thanks for the feedback guys :). The quality of the slides is atrocious but I tried to use Profcast and it froze up my ppt. So with limited time I took screenshots and used good old iMovie and GarageBand. Where would I be without my Apple :)

Rachel Boyd said...

Ahhhhhh... I was wondering how you made your presentation! Good old screenshots and imovie... you are right... what would we do without our apples! I have done exactly your trick twice now... good to have a back up when your first plan doesn't quite work out!