Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Word magnets

I just came across word magnets and I can think of so many ways for it to be used in the classroom. You can add words to the page and the students can move them around to try and put them together into a sentence that makes sense.

  • I was thinking this would be handy in the senior grades when talking about subject focused and object focused sentences.
  • You could have students recognise types of words by inserting adjectives into sentences to change the meaning, feel and power of the sentence.
  • You could use this application with letters and have junior students play with building up words
  • You could put a lot of word endings up and play with adding these to words
  • You could put up numbers to try and make number sentences ...

What ideas do you have for using this simple but effective tool?

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Pascale HP said...

Languages teachers find it very useful indeed: the colour coded function make syntax visual, adding magnets provide opportunities to check understanding, and students can get creative. Teachers of French have been using it ( I'll try to get some of them send feedback on how precisely they use Word Magnets.