Monday, August 24, 2009

Education management blogs and sharetab

I while ago I came across sharetabs and could see its potential both in the classroom and for running professional development. Sharetabs lets you create one page with one url which contains all the sites that you wish your group to visit during your session.

On Wednesday I'm running a Web2 session for the Experienced Principals Development Programme run by CORE Education and I thought we might all wander through some New Zealand principal blogs. I decided to use sharetabs to make the process smoother. So here is the list of the Education management blogs I've turned into a sharetabs link to share with the group. If you know of any great education management blogs I've left out, leave them in the comments and I'll add them in.


Mick Prest said...

I always like

and I'm from across the ditch!!

We're bringing people to Christchurch in OCT is there a good way, besides following people like you, to get some insights into the NZ scene for them??

Jane Nicholls said...

Hi Mike

Are you coming to Christchurch for the Ulearn conference? There is a Ulearn blog to keep up to date with what is going on with the conference. We are going to be holding a bloggers cafe at the conference where you can meet the NZ bloggers (like Greg) in your aggregator. They are a lively bunch and have a whole heap of fun at the conference and will be glad to fill you in on the delights of Christchurch and further afield I'm sure.

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Jane

Looks like a really interesting session you have planned there. Thanks for posting about ShareTabs (I can see why you have used it for your workshop) AND for sharing your collection of blogs with us. I have found some new ones I have been enjoying reading through. Also a surprised thanks for the inclusion in such august ranks!!
Have you seen Isaac Day's blog? He is a Nelson principal.

After a quick look through your shared collection my unstatistical analysis had me wondering if 'real' principals get less comment/feedback on their blogs than teachers do. I may be quite wrong, but I wondered if readers wrongly see the blog of a principal as a glorified newsletter and don't respond? I have a few more wonderings, but my initial observation may have been completely wrong so I will keep them to myself for now :)

Disa McLean said...

Hi Jane,
Hope you don't mind I linked your sharetab page to our wiki for the principals' meeting on Tuesday. I see John's is on there too. He is sharing it with the Principals that day so will be pleased.