Monday, February 16, 2009

Turn your Mac color picker into an application

I'm feeling particularly clever today. I solved a problem and it worked!! Have you ever wanted to grab a colour off the web or another application? Well you can use the color picker that comes with the Mac to do this. Thanks to Macostips for this very simple tip.

1. Open applications > AppleScript > Script Editor
2. Enter this text:
choose color
3. Save it as an application (File > Save as and set the file format pop-up to application)

And that's it! Simple as that. You can now use your color picker any time you want.

To add something extra to your colour picker, download the HexColorPicker. This adds another tab to the color picker bar which tells you the exact number/letter identification of the colour you have chosen. Very handy for when working on the web. Read the help file that comes with this download to tell you where to place the bundle in your directory (very simple).

One more something extra. Your colour picker allows you to create your own palettes and save for later use. This tutorial talks you through the very simple steps.


John said...

I seem to have deleted my copy of hexcolorpicker from lucky software and the link to their site is no longer active.

Could someone post/link to a copy of the software? I really miss it!



Jane Nicholls said...

Hi John
I just clicked on the link in my post above and it took me to their site?

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely loving this, many thanks!

Anonymous said...

woaaa, you just saved my life!!! thanks a lot for great tip!!!