Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I have run out of things to say... My brain has reached overload and I need to reboot. I feel like I have fallen into a tech vortex and that all things outside of tech have disappeared. I need to reconnect with real life. I was reading a blog post recently (sorry can't remember whose it was) about how disruptive these new technologies can be. Twitter (which I love by the way) constantly interrupts our day. It is hard to enter a 'flow' of deep concentration because you are constantly interrupted by random comments from your 'friends'. These twits make you feel connected and a part of your 'friends' lives. But when you think about it... most of the people in your twitterverse you will never stand in the same room as. Are we forsaking 'real' friendships for the 'virtual' replica? Can a virtual friendship gain 'real' status? If I dropped out of the twitterverse, would any of my 'friends' try to contact me? If I dropped out of real life society, I know my friends would contact me to see why.

I suppose my question is... In the long run is this connectivity helping me or harming me? I'm not making any judgements just wrestling with the question. I'm also wrestling with the question "what do I want to do with my life?" which is quite interesting since i should be all 'growed up' by now :o).


Lynne Crowe said...

Hi Jane
I think it is very easy to become totally 'computer focused' and that we all need to have some balance. I'm sure your online friends would wonder where you were but in the end it's actually your f2f family and friends who are more important. Maybe? I do know it is easy to 'waste' a lot of time following or catching up with what others are doing online. Just my thoughts after spending the first two days of the holidays online!

Rachel Boyd said...

Hi Jane,

I see you are truly embracing the holidays by tackling the hard questions.

Like Lynne I have spent my first 2 days of my holidays online and do think that balance is perhaps what you need.

This post by technospud (Jen) has stuck in my head ever since I read it... http://technospud.com/blog/?p=44 it is tackling your question from the opposite angle.

Remember you're still in control and you can choose what you have 'on' when you're wanting to do serious work and concentrate. For example, I have not had my Skype on in months as I haven't had the time to chat, also with Twitter, I'll only be having it on when I don't mind the constant flow of messages.

Take back some control Jane and enjoy your holidays with the people you love the most... make the most of this time and opportunity :)

We will miss you, but also totally understand!

AllanahK said...


My comment ended up being a whole post!


Allanah (virtual and real friend)

Teaching Sagittarian said...

Hi Jane
I too, have spent the first 2 days of the holidays online like Lynne & Rachel. I reiterate what Rachel so eloquently writes .... You are still in control and you can choose what you have "on" ..... that's exactly what I do. We would certainly miss you if you went "offline" but most of us are just like you, trying to maintain that vitally important balance between work, friends and family with all those other things in between!

Mr Lietze said...

Well said Rachel. It is not easy to just disconnect sometimes but it is very freeing.
Jane you sound like a healthy person - acknowledging the issue, confronting it and changing.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts :+)

Jane Nicholls said...

Wow! thank you all! This is very humbling. I think my problem is that I am missing the classroom. I'm spending all my time focussing on tech but have no outlet to use 'these powers for good' :-) (he he ha harrr [insert evil laugh here])

Simon said...

Hi Jane,

Unlike most I have not spent long online these first couple of days. I'm toilet training my 2 year old how's that for 'real world'(tee hee).... feel free to come over and lend a Handie!

Mark said...

So Jane,

what to do with your life? You think you have a deep longing to use your powers for good?


and let your imagination run wild.

Have fun

Sue Waters said...

Well for me it is part of who I am and what I do. For sure I am thinking about where to from here as I am working way too much but that is not from being online rather working full time when I don't need to be.

In answer to whether people miss you--if they get to know you enough sure they do. At one stage of slowed down with podcasting and a couple of my online friends from Eastern Australia contacted me and had a chat about it.

My holidays have started and everyone is pondering what I will do with my time. More online? Less online? Well my thoughts are whatever I feel like! So have finally had time to be nagged into Second Life -- checked it out. ROFL may take a holiday in there.