Saturday, September 29, 2007

Be a super hero

Mark left a comment on my post troubled with a link to a website - Be a super hero. I had left a comment somewhere stating that the source of my trouble is that I am learning all this neat stuff but don't have a classroom to put it all into and that I wanted to use my 'powers for good'.

I have taken up Mark's challenge and this is the result.Totally tongue in cheek , but it is quite fun. Have a go.

Thanks Mark :)


Mark said...

Glad you liked it Jane.

I've been using this "tool" with some of my classes to "negotiate" the super hero alter ego of some of the other staff in my school. The results have been quite positive. Of the course the adage applies "if you cant say something nice, then don't say it at all".

Have you cut out your mask, badge and superhero undies yet? :-p



Anonymous said...

Well you certainly are quite stunning in that green leotard!

AND I am so glad you are choosing to use your new found powers for good :)