Wednesday, July 11, 2007

ULearn 07

ULearn is happening once again this year, from 3rd to 5th October at Sky City in Auckland.  I will be presenting three workshops, starting off with a full day podcasting pre-conference workshop.  This day will take participants through the entire process of finding, making and posting podcasts, all using the Apple software GarageBand.  The two other workshops are entitled, 'What is this thing called Podcasting, and why should I care?' and 'The thinking, moving, collaborative classroom is not a myth'. 

Whew! then I will look forward to spending time with educators I only get to see at these conferences, like Allanah King.  I am also looking forward to meeting Ewan McIntosh who will be keynoting at the conference, who's blog I have read for a while now.  We should put together our own Edubloggercon or Blogger's cafe at the conference!  Mmm, might have to get on to that one.  Anyone who is attending ULearn and would be interested, let me know and I'll set the wheels in motion.

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Ewan McIntosh said...

If I can lend a hand from afar at putting together a TeachMeet NZ or something similar (I don't like the geekiness implied in EdBloggerCon) then give me a shout. Looking forward to meeting you, too.

Cathy Nelson said...

Jane--we met last night in SL. I posted something yesterday about Ewan too, and rush of my life, he replied. Its over on

It was great meeting up with you last night. Thanks for al the SL tips.
Your friend Cathy (ala in SL as Bentley Noel)

Allanah said...

Ewan must have been in a commenting frenzy yesterday as he left a comment on my blog as well- I was thrilled.

A bloggers cafe would be really cool- I would have to get my hair done though and have a make-over for F2F!! LOL

Jenny (Sitech) said...

I'd be keen for a gathering. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help...

Jane Nicholls said...

Okay guys, I have started looking into finding us a spot for a Blogger's cafe, I'll keep you posted. It will be exciting to have a place for our conversations at ULearn.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... some of us will not be there ... too sad!!! So, could you tag your posts, flickr photos etc so people like me can 'hitchike' on David Warlicks site. Cheers
Jody Hayes

Rachel Boyd said...

YES! Would be keen! Sounds like a brilliant idea to "meet" everyone in person :)

Simon said...

Hey, Jane.

I've emailed asking Ulearn about a venue for a discussion about the impact of "Did you know?" on the education system of this counrty... using the discussion starters on the wikispace as a starting point.
No joy so far so thought the topic might be worth discussing at the Blogger Cafe. will put likes on my blog for reference.

This is going to be great... Do me a favour and try to encourage Teachingsagittarian to come along too.

Favour number two... I have to leave on Friday morning :( so I'm hoping the Blogger Cafe will be before Friday.

Favours, favours, this is going to be great. I'm so excited.

Artichoke said...

Hi Simon,

I find Karl's "Did You Know" powerpoint fascinating but for different reasons. Reckon you should discuss it at Ulearn but from the perspective of how easily we can be fooled by stuff posted online and the urgent need for critical thinking in our professional and personal lives.

"Did You Know?" and other essentially alarmist claims for more technology use in US schools need to be approached cautiously.

We need to do what we claim to teach kids to do in critical literacy - step back a little from stuff we read and test the veracity of what is claimed. Find reputable independent references that support the claims made rather than relying on the enthusiasms of others and simplistic generalisations made by edu_consultants who are after all paid to be entertaining rather than truthful.

For example a quick read of Tom Hoffman's post and Karl's response should be sufficient to make us step back from endorsing the presentation.

And Hoffman's analysis is not the only one to suggest that this message is more hype, scaremongering and xenophobia than reality.

Fiona Grant said...

Looking forward to meeting many of the bloggers I have been reading... will watch this space for 'cafe update'

Jane Nicholls said...

Hi all
I've just been looking at the programme for the conference. What would you feel about having our blogger's cafe at 5:15 on the first day during the reception time? We could grab our glasses of wine and a few nibblies and meet up for some interesting discussion? If you have any other suggestions for a suitable time let me know.

Simon I think you have suggested a very interesting topic for discussion. I have heard lots of people get fired up about the Did You KNow presentation for many different reasons, it would be good to look at how this presentation resonates with us here in NZ whether we like the presentation or not.

Jane Nicholls said...

Hi all
I received this email today from the conference organisers:
Hi Jane
We are very keen on your bloggers café idea – not sure yet how we can engineer the “café” part but who knows – I am working on it.

So it looks like we are on!