Friday, July 27, 2007

Singshot - Karaoke with comments!

Now I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing... With my singing it is definitely a bad thing. I had to try this site out in the interest of good journalism, so there is now a recording of my singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' somewhere out in cyberspace.  I tried the 'send to blog' function, but of yet it hasn't made it to my blog (thank goodness!).  However over night a few copies may show up as I pressed the button repeatedly, oops. 

Anyway, SingShot - Online Singing, Karaoke, Sharing, Ratings, and Community is a site where you can set up a profile, choose a song and record yourself singing it.  Pretty simple.  The recording is then kept on your home page where anyone can come and listen to you, leave a rating and a comment.  It is completely open so hopefully the comments are monitored by someone!  And I deserve any 'oh dear' comments that might be left on my recording!  You have to be over 13 to register, but I could see some students having fun with this one. 

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Mark said...

Hi Jane

Thanks for that!

I was listening to Miles Davis when I saw your post, so I turned him off and listened to you.

You seemed to be getting right into the swing of it, getting better with each line...and then you stopped! I had to finish it off myself.

Now there's an idea! Karaoke Collaborations....

I'd better stop.


Suzie Vesper said...

Hmmm..I was able to sing away and listen back to myself but every time I tried to save it, it seemed to freeze up on me. Very irritating when I am trying to share my wonderful talents with the world at large. It said in the fine print that it didn't support Firefox on a Mac so I tried Safari but had the same problems. I will try again another time :)

Mr Harrington said...

Hi Jane
I read your comments on Sheryl's blog post with interest :)
I sometimes think that our friends in the US are searching too had to name things!!!

Jane Nicholls said...

Oh my, Mark, I'm sorry to put you through that. I think Web 2 is wonderful but there are just some things that shouldn't be shared :)

Suzie I used Flock and it seemed to work alright, all except for the send to blog function (which by the way I am quite happy about)

Paul, I agree with you, we get hung up on semantics and this clouds the issue at hand. However, I have expanded my thinking a bit further over on Sheryl's blog and can see where she is coming from.

Tina Steele said...

I’ve tagged you on 8 random facts meme

Martina said...

What a great this karaoke with comments.