Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Favourite Professional Development Podcasts

I have just posted my latest podcast episode which is a review of some of my favourite professional development podcasts that I am listening to at the moment.

This review includes:

All of these podcasts originate in the US or Canada and I am asking that if you know any good podcasts that come out of Australia, NZ, UK or other parts of the world, please leave me a comment. There are too many podcasts out there to listen to them all, but if we share the gems we find, it will make the process much easier. Let's share our knowledge and save our time!

You can listen to my podcast at the ICT U Can! Podcast page.

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Iain CB said...

Hi Jane,

An additional one that I listen to is the Infinite Thinking Machine, which often has some great episodes. One of the latest ones was an interview with Bernie Dodge, Creator of Webquests speaking about his learning equation: Power = Attention x Depth x Efficiency.

Mr Harrington said...

I realise that you couldn't possibly mention ICTUCAN modesty and all that, but for me your podcasts certainly helped me when I was getting started :) ( they would be on my list)
Paul H