Sunday, April 01, 2007

Change the World

This is a snippet from Iain, over at his EdgeoftheSeat blog. He has put together a collaboration for students.  Take a look:
If I could change the world...After reading about Kathy Sierra and the stopcyberbullying campaign, I was lost deep in thought about the world that our children will inherit. It occurred to me that it would could be a powerful thing if children from around the world could voice their concerns, and brainstorm possible solutions to some of the issues that face our blue and green marble in space...before it turns into a brown marble in space!

The tools to do this are certainly available...Web 2.0 is an awesome thing! So, I set up a social network at, 'If I could change the world', with the idea that this could be a place where children could raise their voices. At the moment I have three main issues that can be tackled. But if this takes off, who knows what might happen?
I have started the project with three ways you can contribute.
1) Artwork: Get kids creating artwork that offer solutions or ideas about global or local issues
2) Blogging: Write posts about these issues
3) Video: Create a 1 minute video

So this is my little attempt at starting something to help change the world for better, but it will be YOU who help make it come true, so please, come join the site and contribute, and spread the word!
If you want to get involved go over to the EdgeoftheSeat blog and find out more.

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Iain CB said...

Thanks for helping spread the word Jane. I have great hopes for this project, and it will be awesome to see lots of classes getting onboard from all over the world.