Friday, February 24, 2012

Inquiry learning: from knowledge to understanding

This video is from NZC Online 

How do you use inquiry learning to move from knowledge to understanding? Vic Hygate, from Windsor School in Christchurch, explains how she carefully focuses her planning, then uses events and provocative statements to make inquiry relevant and fully engage her students.


Graham Wegner said...

Jane, this is an awesome clip. I'm in a new job as an AP at a school that is just over a year old, and inquiry learning is part of my role. We have quite a few teachers with various takes on what inquiry learning is (and isn't) and this teacher's descriptions really cement the process that we want our teachers to be undertaking with our students. For a teacher, there is nothing like hearing from a real teacher using their personal experiences to describe the nuts and bolts of teaching & learning.

Jane Nicholls said...

Thanks Graham, she was amazing. The video is from the New Zealand Curriculum Online website
if you want to grab the embed code to use elsewhere.