Saturday, January 02, 2010

365 photo blog challenge

Yesterday I started the 365 photo challenge, I've always wanted to take part in one of these but never had the discipline. On the first day of 2010 as you do, I was wandering around on my computer and noticed a number of tweets being posted by my fellow NZ edubloggers about starting a photo challenge and I thought I would jump on board.

I'm hoping this will renew my passion for blogging as I have gotten a bit stuck lately. For blogging to work there must be a purpose. When I was in the classroom and working as a facilitator there was a strong purpose for this blog. It was where I recorded all the exciting things I was seeing, doing and experiencing with ICT in the classroom. Since I have moved across to my new position as an online editor I am finding it more difficult to write on the blog as I write online all day. If anything, I now have much more to write about as I am seeing first hand the marvelous things happening in schools around our outstanding New Zealand Curriculum. I'm hoping 2010 will be the renewal of my blogging.

So if you're interested, my photo blog can be found at

Happy New Year everyone.

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