Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Speed typing test

79 words

Speed test

I have been told I'm a freak. I have been typing since I was in primary school when my then step grandma bought me a typewriter and a typing book. It was something I enjoyed doing and I never realised it would come in so handy. When I was in primary school the only people who needed to know how to type were secretaries.

Well now, the best thing about typing at 79 words a minute is that when I ichat or skype chat, no one can get a word in! You've got to be quick to keep up with a conversation with me!

Now the reason I'm bringing all this up is I am fond of typing tests and I found this one that has a twist. The test uses the most common words in English. It's not a flashy learn how to type game but if you want a quick 60 second speed test and want to expose your students to the most commonly used words, this is a good site to try out. Can you beat me?

Update - I am rather stuck in the vortex... must stop typing test... must join the real world... must stop procrastinating...

83 words

Speed test

86 words


97 words

Speed test

Okay, I can stop now.


Simon said...

That was fun. I was embarassingly slow (29 words) Matches my brain speed so it's hardly a suprise.

Toni Twiss said...

I am not as fast as you!!! @heymilly and I played this one a few times - similar idea but the faster you type the faster the wee car moves - and you can compete with others online :)

angela said...

Oh dear, this is sadly addictive ... I'm also sitting on 97 and trying to beat it. Why do I feel this way inclined??

Richard said...

Hmm 50 words per minute i guess it would be faster if the words made a sentence as i need to look down :-)

sarah said...

wow 97 is great! i've been stuck on 83 while using this free typing test then after trying the speed test you mentioned i upgraded to 85! atleast with improvement! lol

Manaia Kindergarten said...

Yes very addictive - 75 words a minute at 7.30 on a Friday morning... will keep practising! I agree, who would have known that being a touch typist at high school could be so useful!
Thanks for sharing website