Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sharing the Blogger's Cafe

I have been talking with Adrian Bruce from Australia and Chrissy (NZChrissy) who is soon to be moving to Bangkok to start an exciting new phase of life, and they both mentioned wanting to be included in the Blogger's Cafe, and our uLearn experience, virtually.

So here is a challenge for those of you attending uLearn and joining in the fun at the Blogger's Cafe, how can we make this happen? What are the best online apps at our disposal for bringing in others from around the globe? What have you tried and what do you want to try?


kang gery said...

blogger's Cafe? wow it's my dream

Anonymous said...

Thought we could try a UStream of Unconference or Cover IT Live on the run. Or just plain old video Skype for a bit.

Allanah K

D A Kinane said...

For me the answer is simple, hold a virtual meeting using dimdim. It beats Elluminate in two key ways, firstly it is free and secondly up to 100 people can be at the same meeting at the same time. It has desktop sharing, video feeds, whiteboard and group and private chats between all those logged into the meeting. Great little tool and have been experimenting with it with Helen at Woodford School in the UK as part of our Tohatoha work. We will be using this with our students once the northern hemisphere is back to school in September.

Simon said...

It's finding the app that allows people to float in and out of the stream of conversation. I know that at Conference time the NZTweets increase hugely in number. The whole point of the cafe is the comings and goings, where do we get that online but twitter?