Friday, April 25, 2008

Tag cloud meme

Clay Burell has started an informal meme which I thought looked like a lot of fun. I saw Cathy Nelson's tweet cloud on her blog and was intrigued to have a go at making one myself. (It is interesting as an aside that Cathy's personal interpretation and commentary on her tweet cloud seems to have stirred up a pot of bother over on David Jake's blog!)

So to the meme, Clay did some interesting interpretation of his tweet cloud to turn random strings of words into poetry (that Clay sure does have a way with words!) So I thought I would have a look at what my tweet cloud had to say.By far my favourite is:
Away bad bed, better blog!
Followed closely by:
Feeds feel finally finished!

It is interesting what your tweet cloud can reveal about your (could I call it obsession?) conversations -
Exciting facilitating
Kids know!
Thinking time today tomorrow
Virtual voice
World writing year

What I have found the most interesting is that of the tweet clouds I have seen so far, (Allanah, Clay, Cathy and mine) all have one prominent word in common "Thanks".

Join in the fun, what does your tweet cloud reveal?


AllanahK said...

Gosh- it was a hornet's nest over at David's blog.

I think Twitter is a great way to find out what's happening with the people I follow but I have to limit myself to the number of people I follow or it will overwhelm me.

It has been really useful to in finding answers to questions beyond my realm of expertise.

Clay Burell said...

Hm. "Twitterary analysis" is what we're doing, isn't it?

I like your comparative twist, looking at other clouds for similarities and differences.

Fun and thought-provoking, huh?


Cathy Nelson said...

Still reeling from the the first twitter cloud! I totally forgot to make a poem! LOL

Cathy Nelson said...

Well at least thanks for making me feel good about this post for once. It hasn't felt very good up until now, but I refuse to take it down or remove the ping. I stand by my opinions. Glad you are in my network Jane. Your twitter poetry is amazing. I went back and tried to do mine since I totally forgot.

Jane Nicholls said...

@Allanah, I don't know what I would do without Twitter now. I am a frequent lurker and infrequent poster but I do know that when I need help, I find it. By the way @Clay, help is another word that shows up on all the tweet clouds!

@Cathy, I'm glad you feel good about your tweet cloud post again, I went back and had a look at your new post with the @ symbols added in. The whole poetry exercise is quite cathartic :)

Jane said...

I did one last night after I saw Lisa Parisi's and my biggest word was Thank as well. I left out the @ ones this time but maybe I'll try another some time

NJTechTeacher said...

I have made my tweetcloud and plan to play along with Clay's poetry, but haven't had a chance to yet.

I'm so glad to see people comment on feeling happy about seeing the word "thank" as so prominent. I've seen people say that they must say it too much. I don't feel I can every say it too often.

Glad to be getting to know you!

sujokat said...

Jane I love thepoem and the ones that I had standing out on mine were thanks , great and Reading. It is fascinating how the way we use the technology is creating its own language and a whole group of site for manipulating the data we are creating. Have you seen ? It is like the wefeelfine site that collates how people are really feeling. Language is amazing.

Jane Nicholls said...

I just succumbed to the "Away bad bed, better blog!" again.
It is 11:15pm, I had turned off the light, was ready to sleep when the burning desire/need to blog raised its ugly head.

Well I have now blogged so I will return to my "bad bed"