Saturday, January 26, 2008

Endings and Beginnings

I have had a whirlwind last couple of weeks full of decisions and anxiety. I have been offered a wonderful opportunity to work for Core Education but to take up this offer, I had to leave the classroom. This made me think about my 'calling'. I love teaching, I love my little 'kingdom' and my adoring subjects, I love the creativity of crafting learning experiences that meet the needs of my students, I love the aha moments when the students finally get 'it'. I was literally born to teach. I relish the fact that I can make this world a better place for the 20 or 30 people in my classroom for 6 hours a day. That is what I was put on this earth to do.

So making the decision to leave all that felt very selfish. I am now embarking on an exciting opportunity to work with a great team of people looking at the implementation of the new curriculum in New Zealand. I get to see first had the difference this curriculum can make and the innovative way schools are adopting it. I get to contribute to this time in NZ education and maybe have a slightly wider impact than just my own classroom. I am excited about what this year will bring however moving on is a very difficult thing to do. I packed up all my stuff from my classroom and with a tear in my eye, wondered if I would ever teach in a classroom again.


heymilly said...

Seems to be a few people out on the limb trying new things this year... I'm sure you'll have a fantastic year filled with new and exciting challenges and I look forward to hearing about all the things you get up to! :)

Moturoa said...

To a lesser degree I share the same feelings- thrown into that is doubts about my ability to deliver in my new job.

But at least my position is only for one year so I still have a place to go back to.

Allanah K

Mr Lietze said...

Jane I felt a little sad as read your post BUT you don't know if you were born to do other things unless you try. I still admire your courage (and Allanah's) to take on new things.
Hey you can always go back to the classroom and share in the love again :+) BUT again you may find new "zings" at CORE and wish to stay!

Deidre said...

Hey Jane - well done on your new position - don't think of this as not influencing the 20-30 children in your classroom - but as influencing the maybe 70 teachers - who in turn will influence that number - wow - that is about 2000 children you will have an influence on!!! I'm sure you will find much satisfaction in your work, no matter what choice/s you make!

Deidre Senior

Rachel Boyd said...

While I found the picture of you in your empty classroom sad; I definitely think you have a unique opportunity before you. Grab it with both hands and enjoy the difference you can make in a different area of education.

You'll be FABULOUS!!

See you at Learning@School


Suzie Vesper said...

Well, we have talked before about the pull between being a classroom teacher and working outside of the classroom. I have hit the ground running this year with a number of workshops and there is actually a clear PD plan in many of my more awkward schools so I am feeling quite upbeat about being out this year but I still miss being in the classroom. I think that working at CORE sounds really interesting and a new challenge. I am sure that you will miss teaching as I do and others outside the classroom but what you should get out of it professionally should hopefully compensate for the loss of 'kid time'. All the best! See you at the bloggers cafe (and great post about action research as well).