Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How well do you know your way around our planet?

I have spent an enjoyable evening with my kids finding out how little we know about the locations of places on our planet. We found this site, Traveler IQ Challenge, that quizzes you about locations of cities in the world. There is a time limit and you progress through levels. We kept going so we could level up and I now know where Portugal is and exactly where Turkey is. It was amazing to see just how little I knew about world geography... 80 days around the world and I would be lost at Switzerland wondering to turn left or right to get to France! I've embedded the game here, but there are many other parts to the game. Have a go at locating the country based on its flag, that one is tricky.

This Traveler IQ
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NJTechTeacher said...

This game is fabulous. I wish the map was a little bigger, though. Thanks for blogging about it.